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Ancester and Past Life Release

Ancestors and Miasms

Do you have a family illness? Something your whole family shares? A family weakness?

Miasm is a homeopathic word that explains how we can hold patterns of potential illness, fed down to us from our ancestors. Which is why we might say that my head cold always turns into a chest infection. My mother was like this and so was my grandfather. We tend to think it’s our family DNA.

For instance, my Grandmother died of Tuberculosis. My father has TB scaring on his lungs, and i have the Miasm of Tuberculosis in my cellular memory. It doesn’t mean I have Tuberculosis, but there is a weakness there that could affect me and cause chest infections if I’m very stressed or undergo a trauma of some sort. It’s not a given, it’s not set in stone, but it is a weakness that might emerge at some point.

With DNA Ancestor work we look for the Miasms that are held in our subtle body energetic field and help to release them, so the body does not hold that potential or cellular memory. What happens in the subtle energy, or etheric field is soon reflected in the physical plain just as thoughts and emotional patterns that are held in the etheric field, over time, sink into the physical body to develop as disease.

There is a biblical reference that says, " visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth [generation]." Exodus 34:7 

In this work we go back as far as the 4th generation, or put another way, your DNA damage now, could be carried forward for 4 generations.

Here we look for the ancestor memory so we can use sound healing frequency to clear the Miasms and set ourselves free to move forward in life without the burden of our ancestral patterns.

Past life 

The past life technique is very similar to the Ancestor technique in the way we use the DNA/RNA forks in treating cellular patterns we are holding in the Etheric field from past lives. When we release these patterns we are free to create our future in this life journey, unhindered from previous life miasms. 

DNA spiral which can be repaired with Solfeggio sound frequencies
Images of past lives and ancesters
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