Toning Face Lifts, using tuning forks.

Keep your facial structure, muscle and bone healthy to produce a youthful looks, the natural way.

No Botox, no needles. Just the soothing frequency of tuning forks.

During a life time the face and skin undergoes noticable changes. Wrinkles, baggy eyes, sagging cheeks and flabby necks.

The basic causes are that the muscles that prop up our skin, loose their tone, volume and firmness. Atrophy of facial muscles causes decreasing bone and facial tissue. They "sink" in the area of the mouth and nose. The skin looses its firmness and is less elastic as it looses its moisture.

Aging of the skin is due to excessive Ultraviolet light making the capillary walls harder and blood circulation is worse. 

Stress and long term tension also play a big part, not just in the muscles of neck, shoulders and back but also in the face.

Neglecting tension is a sure way to look older. We can resort to long hours of facial exercises  but we start well and then tend to forget to do them.

Stimulating the facial and neck muscles with Reflexology points using specific frequencies of the tuning forks is much more effective than exercises and massage.

With specific tuning forks we can remind the cells to start producing Nitric Oxide, which kick starts the immune system into healing.  We stimulate the muscles to tighten and relax, thus reducing stress and encouraging the muscles to tone up. 

We stimulate the chakra system from points on the face which effects the whole body and major organs, thus effecting whole body relaxation. 

The session takes a whole hour and costs £50. Book 6 sessions and get it for £240 (£40 each). Please contact me or book a session through this website.

Those who sit or walk with their face down or droped, sleep on a high pillow, or with face down into the body, are more likely to look older. The cheeks slide down to the chin, the eyes show bags, a secondary chin appears. They have a grooved nose and lip, with chin wrinkles, lined mouth ends and droopy eyelids. The face begins to look sad.  Check how you sleep. look up when you walk. check your posture while sitting. 

Relaxing face and muscle exercise. 

Sit straight and relax. with your fingers  (not thumb) massage your temple muscles on both sides of the face. look strait. drop the lower jaw as much as possible and relax.  Now smile as wide as you can. hold for as long and you can. Repeat 10 times.