Sound Healing training & workshops  
Soma energetics Vitality Technique
Using Solfeggio Tuning forks, Phase 1.  A two day, 12 hour, Certified  training. Part one of the Sound Healing Therapist training course, or combine it with your other qualifications. 
Sandira is the only qualified teacher of this system in Europe.
Soma Energetics Phase 2, Body tuners, Aura Scan etc.
A Two day/12 hour Certified training, part 2 of the Therapist training course. Followed by online ethics course at which point you become a fully qualified sound therapist.
Learn to play Tibetan Singing Bowls.
Learn to play Gongs.
Learn Vocal Toning for the Chakra and Majoy Organs for health.
Introduction to Sound Healing- an overall view and some training so you can make the right choice.
Coming soon- Gong Baths, how to run one.