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Learn to play Tibetan Singing bowl workshop


There is a lot more to playing Tibetan Singing bowls than people realize, and some of us struggle to get them to play properly in the first place. That's ok, I'm here to help.

We will cover some of the known history of what we call Tibetan Singing bowls. From 2500 BCE to present day. Where they are made, and what to look for when we are buying them.

There are techniques, and ways to get more sounds out of our bowls. What is the fundamental note? what are the harmonics or secondary and 3rd partial sounds of our bowls? How do we get the best out of our bowl?

What is a masculine or a feminine bowl and how to play them in a masculine of feminine way to take us into single point focus or out journeying into the stars.

We are going to stroke, hit and bow our bowls. Make them "wa wah" and talk to us. Every bowl has its own voice. You are welcome to bring your bowl with you and i can tell you more about it. 

This is a Certified course with Chi Sound Healing.

Please get in touch for prices and availability.


"Hi Sandira, Thank you for the singing bowl workshop yesterday. I learnt loads and feel much more prepared for when I buy my first bowl. Sue is now in awe of hers!"

Helen Burke

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