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Learn to Shield up. Its important.

Lets be blunt, most people are totally unaware of the energy field they have or live within. They don't know when they are being attacked and they don't know when their energy is being stolen. I only became aware of it because I spent a year living with an energy vampire. A nice person, but in time I began to feel more lethargic while she gained energy and motivation.

I've got on the train feeling full of energy and positive attitude. Half an hour later I get off, feeling totally depleted.

Then there is the nastier stuff. Hospitals, Police stations, pubs, and clubs etc, are all places where people gather. Some because they are in pain and ill, some because they have been assaulted or arrested. Pubs and clubs to consume alcohol and drugs to mask the unhappiness in their lives. To stop them feeling. All this emotional stuff could be likened to sticky black clouds of energy. We can walk through them and take them home with us. Unwitting hosts to other people’s negativity. This can affect our own emotional state and health. Over a long time, it can be truly damaging.

Then there is the really nasty stuff. Deliberate attack. If people only knew the effect their bitching and slander, their gossip and hateful thoughts had. That they damage the person, would they still do it? Maybe some would but for most people it is unconscious. It takes a lot of hatred to energetically stab a person. It is physically painful and hard to get rid of. Most people would not know what was happening and think they were ill or injured. Unfortunately, I am taking more and more knives and spikes out of shoulders and backs.

We also need to look at psychic cords. People attach them out of need, thinking its love. Some are spiteful. Some of us give them away. Some just to drain you of energy. I can severe them but I’d rather we didn't get them in the first place.

Our best option is to learn how to shield up. Not just when we go into work, a hospital or pub. Every day. Before we leave the house. It’s simple, easy and keeps your own energy field clean.

How to shield up, the technique.

Imagine you are standing of a plate, about a meter wide. Made of light. From the edge of this plate emerges a thread of light. The thread of light winds up around you, clockwise, going up your body to about a foot above your head. It looks like you are standing in the middle of a giant corkscrew. This is the structure of your shield. like scaffolding. strong.

It looks a little like a pinecone.

From the top of this pinecone or corkscrew, the light pours down, front, back and sides. As it reaches the plate you are standing on, it tucks under and seals up. Now you are standing inside a corkscrew of light, surrounded by a bubble or shield of light. No gaps or holes.

Say to yourself. "This is my shield, only love and light comes through. Only what I chose to give and receive. I am divinely protected"

That’s it, your shielded up. Protected. Safe. The more you do this the faster you can do it. It becomes natural.

If you are in a volatile or confrontational situation you can say "Mirror up" . envisioning that your shield has a mirror surface. Everything will bounce off you and you will not be affected by the negativity. You will not energetically slump. You'll feel fine.

Start shielding up today. make it part of your morning practice, like brushing your teeth. It will pay off, and it’s free.

Shamanic tools for clearing energy if you forgot to shield up. Wont take out the knives etc but cleansing is a good habit to get into.

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