Sound Therapy Prices/ Fees

Prices start at

£60 an hour at my Clinic

£70 if I Travel to you within a 5 mile radios.

£80 if I have to hire an alternative clinic within a 5 mile radios

I do travel to Brighton every Month and can see clients while there or on the way.


After A Soma sound healing :-

"I went to a series of sound healing sessions with Sandira at a time when longstanding physical health problems had left me at a low ebb; from the first session I began to feel a real shift, and over a few weeks felt a boost in both my emotional and physical energy. I appreciated the way Sandira had brought together her learning from many healing traditions and also her own background as a musician. I am happy to recommend Sandira as a caring and intuitive therapist."   Linda Shampon


"Just wanted to thank you and tell you what a profound effect your healing had on me. I had a storm, internal and external, when I got back here. I was shivering, my stomach was upset so I fell into deep slumber for two hours. I got up, had some food and then had intended to work but I fell asleep on the sofa for two hours! I woke up at 4 30....watched some crap TV and fell into bed. I woke up this morning and felt my vitality was back. I am still coughing but I feel okay. Thank you. Incredible. Xx" ......Rose Rouse

"Thank you so much for the course of 4 weekly treatments. When I booked I was fatigued, unmotivated and feeling rather stuck emotionally. 

Through the weeks your skills and wide repertoire of techniques has provided support and guidance and a 'Tuning up' of my system both energetically and physically.  I feel more resourceful and you have reminded of the self support and healing systems that I have available to me in life. The treatments were subtle and beautifully crafted and the effects gentle yet life changing. I am so glad I came and will be back for more! " Sally 

"I visited Sandira after a challenging period and was feeling exhausted. She gave me a one to one treatment that was well explained as I'd never had one before. It was extremely relaxing. I found the treatment to meet my expectations and needs. I have recommended a lot of people to try her gong baths and chi healing sessions. You won't be disappointed."   Sarah McHale Offsite Review, Alternative Healing, Nov 8, 2017

"You don´t know, how much important our meeting was for my next path.  My meeting with the SomaEnergetics, vibrations AND your affirmations are one of pillars of my new path. Now just looking for the way how to express and share with people."....Rina.Komoradova

"Thank you Sandira for the sound session today, I feel the benefit in my jaws already ! And I feel more positive and happy !" By Marie G

"Had a sound healing this week at Chi Sound Healing NW10
Very highly recommended, great insights and break throughs"  by Leon Aarts

"I just wanted to tell you that we both felt really great after your healing. It was amazing."  Ingibjorg Kristin

I was experiencing a sudden phase of five months of excruciating physical pain in my arm and shoulders on one side and facial numbness. Also loss of appetite, Bell’s palsy, trapped nerve in my arm and thunderclap headaches, like a heavy axe through the skull, heart palpitations and poor sleep, taking myself to A&E several times. Pain killers made no difference. I had not been a headache-y person until then. I drank lots of water and tried exercising to address these pains. I got depressed. I was able to go to work despite headaches through the day and fear of painful attacks. I had a scan to check my brain. Once I cried down the phone to a GP, thinking that this pain was going to kill me.

I was fully cooperative with doctors and desperate for any relief.

I had experienced Sandira’s sound baths in previous years. Each time I achieved a deep state of peace and relaxation. In desperation, I got in touch with her hoping sound healing could work - even if only for temporary relief. Sandira took notes at first. The setting of her front room is soothing. I believed my case was complex and was daunted to recount my symptoms as so many times with doctors. She listened. She provided me with a single sound somewhere above my head, explaining the uniqueness of its frequency. Something weird and unexpected but pleasant happened - like a magnetic spherical pull through my head… like a pull switching into opposition and staying there, righting itself. A second sensation came through me like many small balls of energy in my brain in chaos returning sharply to where they belonged. I felt instant ease in my head, different and better. I was looking at Sandira from the back of my mind as we were talking wondering if she realized what she had just done. I told her something powerful happened just then. Her eyes smiled at me with their own energy but she didn’t overreact even if I was in awe!


Later on we looked at my family and an injustice that upset me. We did visual work to change my vibe and empower my thinking, reminded that I was learning a skill at this point rather than a one-time fix. I knew my past had its bad moments and stunted my self-esteem but I figured many are in the same boat and we just have to suck it up as adults. This attitude stuck through to my 30's but I hadn’t previously suffered anything physical and certainly wasn’t planning on doing this kind of work with Sandira or anyone. She explained blocked emotions. Even though I had laid my version of the mind-body-pain theory to rest previously, I put my trust in Sandira and went with it.


We went through some verbal and physical exercises led by her that were focused on deeper healing. I felt as if I were being washed on the inside, made lighter, permission given to me to let go of nasty feelings I’d suppressed for years. I was in disbelief at first yet thrilled to find that my headaches that I experienced routinely from Aug through to Jan just STOPPED from that day. I thought if I can make it for 24 hours pain-free then something definitely has changed.


I’d imagined energy healing would just be a pleasant kind of indulgence or luxury with only temporary benefits; here’s me dabbling in a fancy new type of self care. For me energy healing turned out to be an unexpected simple solution. I was lucky to discover this turning point in my life. How to express my appreciation and relief, the joy of feeling pain-free again? Sandira said in a text it is her chosen work and she loves what she does. I do accept that whatever I had could have had a medical explanation, but the fact is although doctors and osteopaths tried, they couldn’t diagnose or prescribe any treatments. I am writing this review one year later in lockdown. I have not returned, having felt quite OK, not forgetting how bad I once was. I follow Sandira online. I will definitely go to group sound baths again, they’re fantastic… If pain like that ever does come back, I expect I will be her private client once more.   ..............Dylan Scot