Prices /Fees for private healing sessions

Prices start at

£60 an hour at my Clinic

£70 if I Travel to you within a 5 mile radios.

£80 if I have to hire an alternative clinic within a 5 mile radios

I do travel to Brighton every 6 weeks and can see clients while there or on the way.


I received Reiki from Sandira over the course of several weeks.  I went with an open mind feeling completely at ease with the thought that at worst nothing negative would happen – having known Sandira for several years I was more than confident that the experience would be kind, loving and positive and probably fun, all qualities reflected in how she operates through life generally, and of course it was.  On each visit Sandira would perform a short cleansing ritual which denoted the transit into the session proper – after a few sessions even this initial stage would move me to a more peaceful and restful state.  Throughout the hour Sandira would perform healing by working with my spirit energy around me and I lay there feeling fabulous, cosy in a blanket, separate from her but connected.  On the first visit I was convinced that she had decided to actually touch my feet instead of remaining a good couple of feet away but when I opened my eyes she was as far from me as usual.  At times the sensation was quite intense, like a distinct focus in a particular part of the body, usually for me my feet and head, but mostly there was a general awareness of myself.  Although usually I felt a movement of energy toward me or just around me, I also felt energy pouring out from me and on one occasion in particular felt a real rush through my feet and out from me which made me laugh out loud and feel very alert. Conversely I often felt quite dreamy and often found small vignettes of a dream or a play coming to me, a line from a song or a taste of a memory and I felt very comfortable to express these, giggle or doze off as the feeling took me.  Sandira was particularly good at judging when to engage and when to let me be. At the end of each session, the effects of which were cumulative over the weeks, I would always feel very relaxed and calm and conscious that I had taken time to be with and connect to myself.


Laura Stevens

"Sandira is an intuitive and positive healer who encourages those she who come to her to participate in their own healing - especially by offering affirmations for people to strengthen themselves with. She works with Reiki and with a marvellous array of gongs and sound bowls which have a resonance with chakras and which are very powerful and effective. She also does energy and meridian balancing which all contribute to a gentle journey towards physical, mental and spiritual well being. Having undertaken healing for herself reaching her own optimum health alongside studies with special masters (female and male) along the way, Sandira knows how healing works from direct experience and shares this knowledge as part of her open hearted practice, understanding how a person's process has to proceed at their own pace. I can truly recommend Sandira"
Debbie Golt
" My heart feels at rest and I feel stronger. I feel like I am able to trust the universe more and the good work and affirmations I had been saying previously" 
Aruna Kaitri
"It is good to read anew the points that were both welcome and new to me all that time ago when I was barely able to concentrate for the fear eating me up.  I have come a long way since then despite everything and you have been/ are a big part of that healing"
 Debbie Golt