Gong Bath Pricing/ Fees

Pricing depends on a variety of factors;

I normally charge £15 a head, for an hour.  Then add on the cost of hiring the venue and how long the session is plus petrol if its further than a 5 mile radius of  London NW10. There is a minimum charge depending on the event size. Please get in touch so we can discuss the details.

@ Chi Sound Healing £15

@ Mini Picasso's £15

@ St Etheldreda Church Hall, Fulham £15

All things are negotiable and I do private parties and large corporate events. Please call me to discuss the options.


"Back to balance; Rather than do all the work myself I decided to get some help bringing balance back to my current fragile feeling self, by attending this incredible Sound Bath last night. - and oh what a treat it was...If you haven't experienced sound healing before then give it a go. Sandira @chi-sound-healing does this  monthly whole body sound massage events in London. She is extraordinary!"   


"Wednesday night out in #Kensal green-just discovered a new #soundhealer in the form of @chisoundhealing.co.uk    Amazing session and still vibrating now. Healing my cells at the deepest level."

#ketocancerqueen (instugram)

"Thank you so much for Thursday evening - the Sounding went very deep, and the tranquility, atmosphere and experience very special.

Amazing how you and it hold the space."

Thank you. Jonathan. (Study Society)


"After each sound bath I notice distinct, gentle, yet powerful shifts in my life. Each experience is unique and profound. I attend as many as I am able."

Sara Alexander 28 May 17


"Sandira's group sound bath sessions are absolutely brilliant. A whole hour of incredibly soothing and

healing sounds in a wonderful venue- its not only relaxing and meditative but also sleep inducing. Her CD is fantastic too for continuing the vibe at home." -

Robin R from our Fulham group @ St Etheldridas church hall. 12/Jan/2017

“It was amazing, I will definitely come again. I enjoyed this totally deep relaxation and a feeling like my body was being tuned to work as one harmonious whole”. - Kirstin

"I have received sound healing a few times now and am always amazed as to how my body responds. It always relaxes me but I also feel more energerised. Sometimes during the healing there are pains arising and then by breathing into the discomfort it allows the vibration to relax and unblock and the energy flows through. I recently took my husband for a session and he was so pleased with how he felt afterwards - he had a strong pain in his shoulders which went away during the healing and he is now looking forward to his next session. I highly recommend trying this unique healing."

Patricia Gregory - 15/01/2017 | report this review

"I have had the privilege of attending Sandira's sound baths for a few months now, and cannot speak sufficiently highly of them.  As a practitioner, Sandira is open and approachable, never patronising and always highly competent in her approach.  I find the monthly sessions are helping me greatly.  Apart from the relaxation they induce, which is truly wonderful, I am finding over time that I feel much more centered and resilient.  After my first session, I could feel the physical vibrations for a good couple of days.   I am also a complementary therapist, and have bought Sandira's CD for use with my clients.  The response has been unanimously positive, with people commenting that it gives a deeper dimension to their treatments.  All in all, I feel that Sandira's work is to be commended and recommended and I thank her for all she does." …….JUDY RIGBY

Thank you so much for doing the gong bath for us at the hen do last Saturday. Everyone absolutely loved the experience and felt very relaxed and happy afterwards! We were all so surprised at how we could feel the vibrations going through our bodies and the calming effect that it had! You made everyone feel very comfortable and at ease and the hour went very quickly! It was definitely a highlight of the weekend for everyone.Thanks again! Melissa

Mother & Baby's Sound Meditation 

"Brilliant to meet you and thank you so much.  I had such a good time. And have felt fantastic all day. Will definitely come to the next one

Serena xx "