A Practical Guide to Transformation. Chapter 2

December 7, 2015


Chapter two.                                                                        De-programming and what is reality.



We know how to change what we don’t like and how to order what we do like but what about our thoughts. The way we think is very powerful and the defining factor for which kind of world we ultimately create and live in. Being the master of our own minds requires that we watch our thoughts. Something we don’t get taught at school or are out of practise if we did.


Let’s think of ourselves as the director in our own movie. If our thoughts are what create the film and all that appears in it, then we have to take responsibility for what happens and be a little more alert to how we think. As we get in the habit of watching our thoughts and we get better at it we begin to notice little subconscious thought patterns that repeat. We get to understand how we created the reality we call real life. When we finally start watching our thoughts we observe ourselves thinking things that are quite surprising, even alarming sometimes, but we are not at ego’s mercy. We have the power to change and we can alter them. Baby steps first. We can graduate to higher stuff later.


When we catch ourselves saying something, either to ourselves or to others that we now realise is not creating a good cause or better life, then the easiest thing to do is say; “cancel, undo, delete” or erase edit if that’s a word we like better.  And again we raise our hands in the air, passing it up. Giving it up and tying the release into our physical, cellular reality.


Simple things like; “I’m rubbish at maths”, “I’ll never be any good at cooking”. “I look hideous in that”, “men are idiots” (we know it’s not true), all the way to “we have to work hard to get anywhere” “you don’t get anything for nothing”. The list is endless and way more subtle than these obvious statements.


We don’t sit in judgment of ourselves; we don’t poke or criticize ourselves. We just delete the thought in our subconscious. After a while ego gives up the fight and just doesn’t use those negative fraises. Or they appear less and less. But watch out. Ego can be cunning and likes to get us on our Achilles heal. So be vigilant.



It’s that simple. Of course we can push it further and add something more positive after “cancel erase delete”. (Passing your hands upwards again). Something like, “today I choose a new way of being” or “infinite spirit, open the way for me to feel better about this” or “I choose a future different from the past”


Most of us live in a state of lack.  We have a list of gripes and complaints about our life and how it would be better if we had this or that.  In effect we want our life to change for the better. Some of us just want it to change full stop.  It’s a funny word this word “want”. It implies that we don’t have something. Language is tricky. By using the word “want”, we are telling the universes not only do we not have it and would like it but if everything happens in the present then we are always in want.


The past is gone; it no longer exists anywhere but in our head. The future hasn’t arrived yet. It is nowhere but in our imagination of wishful thinking (or imagined fear). So to say I want something is to say I would like it in the future, and we all know the future never comes.  To get deeply philosophical on you, all we have is now. When we use the words I want, we are saying we live in a state of lack or want NOW! We will always be in this state of lack or want if we continue to use the phrase “I want”.


Let’s start talking differently. Let’s say for example:  “life will be more graceful when I have ….”


Or; “infinite spirit, open the way for me to ………..”

Or even; “I like it when………..”


We know its being finicky but do we want to change reality or not?  All these little twists of language are powerful creators and we want to be the creators of a wonderful new life in full celluloid colour, not the old black and white.




Now we’re getting down to the idea of reality……..


 Do we blame the world for where we are in our life? Because if we are blaming our circumstances or other people for the things that happen or the way we feel, then we have already given up. We have already passed all sense of power and control to the world “out there”. Ego loves blaming others for our own problems and mostly they are our own view of life. Half the time when we are getting upset over something someone said or did, the rest of the world didn’t even notice and has moved on. Only we are stuck in our mood. Creating bad vibes because reality didn’t turn out the way we wanted and demanded to make us feel safe.


The ridicules thing is, in the pure philosophical and spiritual sense, there actually is nothing “out there” that wasn’t created by us. The world “out there” is a reflection of our own thoughts. A thought manifestation. A Dream. Spirit manifesting through us in order to experience itself. Pretty wacky and not something we want to deal with at 7am on a Monday morning but one of our biggest failings is our lack of imagination. Our willingness to take on new ideas and new ways of thinking. We are so attached to the idea that everything “out there in the real world” is hard, cold, fact. Reality as we know it.


Well according to who?  Who’s reality? Who’s perspective? Are we saying Kevin and Stacey and Norma and Aziz all share the same reality? If two friends go to the corner shop to buy and ice-cream have they both walked down the road in the same way? If they relate what they saw to another friend would they remember seeing the flowers in the front garden, the dog shit on the pavement or the postman on the other side of the road? Would the way they describe their feelings be the same? Would they both remember the details the same? Would they buy the same sort or flavour of ice-cream? Would the same flavour of ice-cream even taste the same to them?


The answer is we all experience our reality and lives differently from each other. It is our manifestation and we are in control of what we experience. How we deal with it is also our choice. Blaming other people and our environment gives our power and choice away. Let’s choose to create a better world for ourselves by taking charge of how we think and feel.





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