A Practical Guide to Transformation Chp 3.

March 16, 2016

Chapter 3                                                      How do I feel, what would I like?





It took Caroline a long time to understand the difference between coming from her head or her heart. It wasn’t until a friend asked her to sit with her eyes shut and think about how her body felt, that she began to understand. Then Colin said “how would you feel if I said I wanted to punch you in your stomach? How would you feel if I said I am going to spit in your face? How would you feel if I say you’re the nastiest, ugliest person I have ever known?” 

Where do you feel that?

Caroline responded that she felt it in her chest and around her heart.  That it gave her a sinking feeling. A contraction.  That’s when she realised that until then when someone asked how she felt that she had always answered from her head with an intellectual assumption of how she felt.




If we respond to these questions with a thought, coming from our head, it is not feeling. It is an answer from ego. If we sit and listen to our body, we will get a completely different answer. Our body responds in two different ways. Either an expansion from our heart, which feels sort of like our chest opening, a warmth, an intake of breath to accommodate this, a teary eye of happiness, and a joyous ahhhh, then it is an expression of love. That is a “Yes” answer.  If  our body responds with a sinking feeling, a contraction, a feeling of physical fear, depressed emotion, then it is a negative, a “No” response.


Both these responses are our body’s way of communicating what our ego cannot control. They are a truth for us. The truth from our heart.  It is important to note that the place we want to be is not either our head or our heart but that our head and our heart should be in agreement.  If we want something with our head and our heart says no then we have to question ourselves more deeply. Is this situation truly for our benefit? When our heart and our head agree it is like the universe laughing. Happiness unfolds and everything flows for us. 




 Some times we will have cravings for things that are out of the ordinary. Follow the cravings until they abate. It’s just the body’s way of communicating its needs and once the craving is satisfied we usually don’t crave that thing for a long time. If we don’t beat ourselves up about it, it can’t hurt us. Only when we let our head and ego get in the way dose it become a problem. We want to fill our world with food we like and that dose us good. Food that makes us feel happy and satisfies our body’s needs. Not food that disagrees with us and is unappealing. Not just because its there and cheep or convenient. Is that the sort of life we want? Caroline’s Ayurvedic Dr always used to say; “a little of what you like, dose you good”


As a side issue, just while we are here talking about food, if we have weight issue’s, then follow this helpful tip.  We eat as much as we like, but only while it still tastes good. The moment it stops tasting good and starts tasting bland, stop eating. When our taste buds stop enjoying the food it is time to stop eating. It doesn’t matter if there is still food left on the plate. We are not being a bad person by not finishing. Especially if that teaches us to put less on our plate. By leaving a little on our plate we are telling the universe that we have enough in our life. That life is abundance. Eating it all because there are starving people in the world is saying to the universe that we live in lack. This is a very powerful statement of creation.


If we are used to watching TV or reading while we eat, we aren’t paying attention to what we are eating. We don’t get the full experience or joy of eating the nice food and we don’t hear or feel the signal (when the taste gets bland) that we have had enough. We eat more than we normally would and because we can’t remember the full experience of eating it, we go back for more stimulation (more food). If we have weight problems then this is something to think about.


If we have digestion problems or bloating and wind, then paying attention to the process of eating can also help. Caroline noticed that the conversations around her and what she was watching on TV had an effect on how well she digested her food. She started to make sure her eating was done in a calm environment and her digestion improved. She got more from the food and didn’t produce bloating and wind. Experiment with this and try this affirmation.

Say: “I digest new ideas and new ways of thinking with ease and grace”



Again, we are a little bored today, say: “how do I feel, what would I like?”  If our life responds with “go to the park for a coffee” then do it. We never know who we might meet. It could change our lives, or it could just make us feel really relaxed and happy. Ready to get on with the things we had been putting off. We quite often have a lot of things we could be getting on with. If we ask ourselves “How do I feel what could I like” then we can make the right choice for where we are at that moment. Things run smother. Life flows with more grace.


The more we go for what we feel is right for ourselves, the more we answer from our heart and head in accordance, the more life responds to us in kind. Universe is like a giant online ordering service which will provide for us our hearts desires, If and only if we communicate what our hearts desires are. If we shush our hearts and speak from ego, afraid that our hearts desires are ridicules or over the top then universe will provide us with what ego thinks we deserve. Or what ego thinks is possible. Usually ego thinks too small. If we continually choose to do the things we think, from ego, that we should be doing, then all we get is a bigger list of things we should be doing. Not things we want to do but things that society and our family think we should be doing. We end up in the wrong jobs, in the wrong places with the wrong people. We end up complaining and creating more of the same.  We blame the world out there and keep going round in the same old same old.


Every day when we wake up we have a choice. We don’t have to make a revolution to change our world. Lets take little baby steps at first by just asking our selves how we feel, what would we like, where would we like to be. Getting to know how we feel so we can make the right choices for the future. We can’t change the past but we can change the future by how we respond to our feelings in the now.


The Creation Game.


Here’s a lovely creation game Caroline was given.


Caroline is sitting or lying down quietly, with her eyes closed. She see’s herself walking to the stairs which she walks down, one at a time, counting from ten down to one. As she gets to the bottom she opens the door in front of her and walks into a room that is her favourite space. (Choose to decorate your space how you would like it). Caroline walks up to a full length mirror and spends some time looking at herself and imagining how she would like to look. Admiring herself.  (This may be challenging for some but we are seeing ourselves how we would like to be, not beating ourselves up for imperfections).

After a short while Caroline walks over to her mixing desk (remember Caroline is a musician so she sees the things in her music studio- this is a guide- choose your own way of doing this)

Caroline sits at her mixing desks and plays with the faders, (the sliding knobs that tell her how much of a certain sound she is getting. There are little lights that also show her how much sound she is getting) In this case how ever, each fader is for things in her life. One fader for health, one for love, one for wealth and abundance, one for adventure, one for carrier opportunity etc ect. Caroline pushes these faders up so she is getting enough of the things she has chosen and thinks are important enough to be on her desk. She also has a little section that is purely for health as that is an issue for her. In this subsection she has faders for thyroid, blood pressure, energy, emotional balance etc. these faders she keeps at a balance point. Not too much, not too little. And if any of them slip she has a mechanism that keeps them balanced built into the desk. (We could see these as a row of bottles or test tubes with coloured water in them and a mid way line so we can watch and keep them at optimum health).

When Caroline has finished pushing the faders up she looks up at her movie or TV screen that she placed above the desk. This is where she plays out the story she is creating with her life. All her hearts desires. The relationship she would like, the home she can see in her future. The clients that will come to learn with her. The holiday she is planning. The cat she is planning on getting. All the love and affection she desires and the creativity she would like to see manifested in her painting and music. She sees her success, fulfilment and happiness played out on the screen in front of her and when she has had enough? Then she leaves the screen playing, sets her desk so it can continue balancing, walks to the door and goes through it. She walks back up the steps counting from one to ten, and walks away.


Of course we can build our own world to play this game in. it could be a cathedral with stained glass windows or a beautiful grotto in the middle of a garden. This game is for us to create what we want from our lives.  The more we get in the habit of creating wonderful blessed stories the more our lives the more universes gets involved and reflects our creation. Get in the habit of creating good things because, if you’re like most of the rest of the human beings on this planet earth, then ego is busy creating, whether we take the time to notice or not. Ego tends to be a bit negative. Like Caroline’s early morning “there’s something wrong” voice. Don’t leave it ego.


Here are a few good creative affirmations;


“I move with effortless effort, into my stream of good”

“I deserve to rejoice in life. I accept all the pleasure life has to offer”

“Today I create my life with ease and grace”

“It is safe for me to expand into the wonderful new, I easily accept all that is mine by divine right and how it is given”

“I walk happily in the light of who I truly am”


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