I Choose Happy-chapter 6


Life can seem pretty black and white sometimes. No room for grey in betweens and no room for movement. Something is either right, or it is wrong. At least that’s how some people see things. But dose being good in arguments and always getting our way make us feel happy? Being right is a little like when we discussed “I know what nothing is for” or “I make no judgement on what I see”.  Being right allows us to fit everything into our world view. By not allowing any other view/ opinion /action we stop things from being frightening or out of our control. We may feel a little safer for a split second.  Once again we put the world in boxes and label them good and bad and allow no room for anything different or unexpected. No miracles occur in a controlled world.


Spend some time watching people and how they behave. See the happy ones? Have we noticed that when we are happy we don’t need to be right? And what about the people who need to be right? How long dose the happiness from winning and being right last? Sometimes it can even cause pain as their decisions and opinions create unhappiness around them.



We have another little game. When we meet someone new or we want to check someone out, we ask them what they would rather be, happy. Or right!  It can lead to interesting conversations and we have more information about that person before we engage more.



Our minds are constantly busy and ego being what it is, doesn’t always appreciate us being happy all the time. Where’s the control in that?  So it gives us little negative thoughts that it lets slip into our subconscious. Drip drip drip. Or we find ourselves having little arguments with ourselves or other people in our heads. We don’t notice until we start watching and listening to our internal dialogue. These conversations and thoughts shape our reality without us even being aware of them, but they are not our truth or true reality. We can change our entire world by being alert to these thoughts. The more we erase them, the less power they have over us. It only takes seven seconds of negative thought to start the downward spiral into unhappiness and depression. Likewise it only takes another seven seconds of positive thought to start the upward spiral into a happy positive state of being. The choice is ours alone. It’s not someone else’s job to make us happy. If we want that quality of gentle happiness and feeling of lightness which emerges with a still mind, then we have to start being observant to our internal dialogue. When we catch ourselves at it we say: “erase cancel and delete” then pop in a positive affirmation. Start thinking about something nice that makes us happy. Start the upward path into a better mood.


Here are a few to help.


“I choose happy”

“Today is a fine day, today is a day of wonder and miracles”

“Where ever I go I take my harmony with me”

“Everything is blossoming in total perfection”

“All doors fly open for happy surprises”

“When ever I am not joyous I have reacted with a lack of love”

“I am safe, and all is well in my world”

“At this moment, regardless of anything else, I am going to feel supremely happy”







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