Angel-Crystal Clearer Tuning Fork.


One of my most useful tuning forks is my crystal clearer. It’s one of the 3 tiny Angel tuners, the Angel 4096. It comes with a lovely big, pointed quartz crystal to amplify and direct the sound.

It’s a very high-pitched sound, which breaks up negative energy, both in spaces and on ourselves. If I’ve been out and about in London, on the tube, in a pub etc, we can have picked up all sorts of energy. Other people’s energy, negative emotional energy, detrimental and in appropriate attachments etc.  When I come home I just hit the crystal lightly with the end of the Angel tuner and direct the sounds around my body. Specifically, into my aura. I quite often feel a shiver as anything I’ve picked up is broken off and dispersed. The high frequency shatters it so I don’t carry other people’s negativity around with me or to bed with me at night.

I also use it to clear spaces. Between clients but especially hotel rooms so that I sleep in a clean room rather than one where people have been arguing or leaving their unhappy, negative energy around. Ever arrive in a hotel room and feel uncomfortable? Like you don’t want to hang out in that space? An energetically clean and clear space feels lighter. You sleep easier.

The frequency is tuned to the pulsation of the earth and is said to be a bridge between heaven and earth. It increases the light power of any crystal used. And I use it to clear my crystals too.

Mine cost just $30 from Soma Energetics in America. Or £32 from Sound Travels in the UK

Blessings, Sandira,


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