Crystal Journeying

A friend was talking to me about Shamanic journeys and how she was a bit afraid of them. She is new to the idea of working in the Etheric field and like so many of us have suffered in previous lives for being Fey, Psychic, healers etc. let’s face it, some of us were burnt to death. I have also remembered lives when I was honored too. 

When we suddenly get a response from the Etheric field or other side, or we see something, it can be surprising, and we get frightened. That’s why we start with baby steps and easy exorcises to strengthen our capacity and become more confident. I have decided to share an easy and safe way of talking to our guides and asking questions. I like it. It works.


In crystal class we learnt to meditate on the crystals and go into them to meet and ask questions.

This is just one of the examples.


Ground and shield up.  Now, with the crystal in your hand sit quiet with your eyes shut. Honor the crystal and ask for its help.  imagine the crystal growing huge like a towering building and you’re a tiny person next to it. Walk up to it and find a door. Walk into the lobby. See the elevator. Step into it and push the up or down button (the underworld or the upper world- they are all safe and just mean levels of our subconscious- nothing to be afraid of) decide which floor you want to stop at. Step out of the elevator and look around. What do you see. Have you asked to meet someone? Do you need guidance? Ask the crystal for help. See who or what turns up. Now ask your questions.

When you have had enough, thank your guide or the crystal, offer something in thanks. An imaginary gift. You may promise to leave a gift in the crystal relm or our mundane reality world. Then leave the way you came in.

Open your eyes,




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