Aura scans & affirmations.

February 25, 2018


In my training with Soma Energetics I learnt to dowse the aura with tuning forks. It’s interesting to have what we find in the aura be confirmed by the patient as being emotional things they are going through.


The technique is to use a tuning fork like a pendulum all over the body, looking for the smaller Chakra or Nadi points situated in the arms, hops, legs etc, that are blocked. With the Soma technique we have different colored Chakra tuning forks and I liken this to the different layers of the aura.


As we know the Aura reflects what is happening in our emotions, body, and thoughts. What starts out as a thought pattern can, after 6-9 months, begin to manifest in the body. It probably isn’t going to be a full-blown illness for some time, but it’s the beginning if we don’t deal with it in the present. Repeated thought patterns and emotions become energy masses or blockages.


Soma Energetics gave me a wonderful chart where I link the blocked Chakra or Nadi point to an emotional pattern, and its corresponding affirmation.

All affirmations need to be repeated over and over like a mantra to counter the old repeated thought patterns that caused the original energy manifestation.

Why not book an aura scan with me to see it in action?




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