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Introduction to Sound Healing as a Therapist

This is a Certification of attendance course. It is an introduction to all the different ways you can use frequency and vibration to work as a sound therapist or along side your other healing modalities.  This course will allow you can make an informed choice about the direction you would like to take and where you would like to train. for those already trained in another modality, you would be able to use these techniques along side your practice.

We can cover-

Tibetan Singing bowls

Crystal Singing bowls

Solfeggio Tuning forks

Other tuning forks from Otto, DNA, Endocrine, Brain tuners and Kundalini

I can introduce you to some of my Gongs.

We will talk about Giving Sound baths and private one to one sessions. I will give a brief explanation about the Chakra system, and Meridian System. As this is generally a one to one course we can tailor it to your needs, what you want to focus on according to the direction you want to take. Please note, we do not teach the Soma Energetics Solfeggio Vitality system in this course but I can explain the course and what you would hope to learn. 

The training will take anything from 3-4 hours and will cost you £150

Please feel free to get in touch with me to ask further questions

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