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Tai Chi Chuan- Yang School- Long form.

Tai-chi,  literally meaning"Supreme Ultimate Boxing", is an internal Chinese art form.  Though originally conceived as a martial art, it is now typically practiced for a variety of other personal reasons: for achieving greater longevity, a stillness of mind (as in meditation), better health, mobility, balance and stress management.  There is a long list of the health benefits to be gained by practising Tai Chi.

The Class

To begin we learn the form. This is broken into 3 sections usually called the short and long form. We can just learn the short form or continue on to learn the long form. Once the  form is memorized and we are able to flow from beginning to end without a break we begin to perfect the movements and then move on to the internal practice of moving the energy through the meridian lines of the body.

At Chi Sound Healing particular emphasis is focused on learning how to draw the chi energy up from the bubbling spring in the feet and circulating it throughout the body. 

We also have lots of fun doing exercises like "pushing hands" and "sticky hands".


Focusing the mind solely on the movements of the form helps to bring about a state of mental calm and clarity. General health benefits and stress management can be achieved quite quickly if practised daily.

We do not require  a uniform in class but we do ask that you wear loose comfortable clothing and soft flat foot ware or socks.

Classes, costs and address

I am currently not running any group classes.

Private classes are £35 an hour.

Please contact me for the address and to let me know your will be attending.

Tai Chi Sword

At present I teach Tai Chi Sword on a one to one basis from NW10 4EL. The cost is as my private classes of £35 and hour.

Tai Chi Sword is about manifestation. Taking the energy, we pull from the earth through our body and flowing it out into the environment through the sword. It is non-contact martial art form of grace.

Sandira Tai Chi in Pompaii
Tai Chi Chuan class
Sandira teaches Tai Chi Sword
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