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Emotional Code Release

We all carry subconscious memories of events that have happened in our past. These memories have emotions attached and they are lodged deep in our cells. At times, they can appear as phobias, or in the pain body as injuries that keep returning. They can also be the emotional blockages that keep us from being successful in our carrier or relationships.  

I can give you an example from my own life. " I was in a major terrorist attack in the 80's which left me with back pain, anxiety and post-traumatic stress. The journey since has been about changing all of that though spiritual and alternative practices which I now teach.

When i discovered Emotional Code Release, I was amazed to find that I still carried the Shock and Terror of the event in my cells. My hips and spine still remembered and at times caused me ongoing tension, resistance and pain. 

I practiced the Emotional Code Release on myself and found myself unravelling the damage as my body let go of the memory. Interestingly I began to feel a burst of energy, focus and was whole lot happier.


Each person is different. We all have our emotional blockages from the past. Some we are prepared to live with but for myself I have found with each emotional blockage release I have felt better, or managed better. Finding myself doing things I had stopped enjoying and being a bit more creative in my thinking. 

Yesterday I asked, "is there an emotional blockage that stops me trusting my own wisdom?"  I got a powerful rush from this so I followed it up. The emotional blockage was "Low Self Esteem” which really resonated with me. When I went looking for the age it happened I got about 3 years old. It’s hard to remember what was happening so young but these powerful moments seem to stay close to the surface of our subconscious. I remembered an event where my mother had a guest over and they were having tea and biscuits. As I reached for a biscuit from the plate the other woman told me off. The biscuits weren't for little girls. 

It’s amazing how something so small can affect us our whole life. Incidents don't have to be huge to have very deep effects. even a feather falling on the still pond of our minds can cause ripples that touch us deeply.

Releasing this blocked emotion had a very real and powerful effect. more so than releasing the shock and terror of the bombing. 

Be You
How it works

For each client, we will use dowsing to find the emotional blockages we wish to address. This can be health issues or life issues.

It’s a process of finding the event that caused the issue or emotion to lodge where it has, though it is not always necessary to go back to what caused it. We do not have to relive the event. It is not scary in that way and is not confrontational. It just helps to be aware of the event that caused the emotion to lodge in us, though quite often when i ask " do we need to know what caused this? it says NO.

Then we very simply remove it. Sometimes there  are no emotional blocks causing that particular issue  in which case we will look at other issues we may have and wish to address.

We always check to see if we are ready to move onto another emotional blockage. Quite often our body needs time to process this release so we work at your pace not mine.

Animal behavior

Karma Cat

I have spent some time working on releasing the blocked emotions of my cat. She is a rescue cat who spent the first 2 years of her life in a cage as a Breading Queen. She then went to Germany and back as part of a Military family where she was stood on, before coming to me.

This was traumatic for her and the blocked emotions associated with it were; Terror, Horror, Failure and Defensiveness.

I have also worked on the blocked emotions to do with an eye infection and her Asthma.

The result of this work has been marked, with people commenting on how much more friendly and affectionate she is. To me she seems gentler and content.

I am happy to work with your pets to find the blocked emotions that cause odd and destructive behaver problems.

Book a session.

We can only work as fast as your body allows, as we need time to detox and release the blocked emotions. We can address the issues that are foremost in your mind and then follow the trail to get to the core issues.

The session is an hour while we discuss what you want to achieve and allow you to move at your pace. I find its quite easy to tie an Emotional Code session up with a  Sound Healing or Reiki if you desire that.

We can also work on Blocked Emotion Codes online with Zoom or Messenger. Please contact me to arrange this. You will need your own Fridge Magnet. Payment is in advance. You can contact me for a free 10 chat to decide if this is the therapy for you.

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