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New Moon and Full Moon gong baths
with Chi Sound Healing, every month.
       Please contact us for details


Sound Massage immerses you in the healing frequencies of sacred sound.  

Experience whole body sound massage on a cellular level through sound vibration, releasing stress and tension as the frequencies remove energetic blockages and increase vital energy flow. This brings a more centred and uplifted sense of being.


How it works;
Sound is the building block of the universe. Every planet, every object, and every person is a cluster of sub atomic elements that vibrate at a specific
frequency unique to their life form. All the planets have a specific note. So do each of our internal organs. We are instruments of wondrous and subtle harmonic frequencies that hopefully stay in tune and harmonize with ourselves and the universal song. Many things can affect us and take us out of that harmonic song. Sometimes we have been out of tune so long we don't even realise we are singing a different song. Life just seems to have lost its lustre.
Each Gong, singing bowl or chime that Sandira plays has a specific tone which will resonate with our organs and our Chakra system. The harmonics that are set up while they are being played have a deep and lasting effect on the body. Both mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sandira first takes us through a guided meditation to align and ground us, so we are all in the same room together, open to receive. She then plays  the many gongs, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls, Temple bells and shamanic instruments in a harmonious song while we journey inwards and heal ourselves.  We are being tuned like a very expensive violin. People quite often drift off into a light trance like state where they sort out emotional troubles. Whatever or where ever we go, we are bound to feel more relaxed and in harmony at the end.

Sandira dose once a month New Moon sound massages in her studio in London NW10,  and now a Full Moon gong bath in Mayfair.  Sandira is open to coming to your home to do a group sound journey at your convenience. 





Whole body sound healing/Gong Bath.

Gongs, Crystal & Tibetan Singing bowls.
Sound Journey with Sandira
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