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Clearing and cleaning the energies from your home or land.

Sometimes we can feel there is something wrong with our home. At other times it’s just things keep happening that we can’t explain or are uncomfortable with. I keep this section separate from the shamanic where i deal with personal issues. This is land healing. 

There can be many things effecting your personal space from Toxic lines and lay lines running through our property to Vortexes, human manifested energy forms and spirits or ghosts in residence. Or it can be the negative energy from fighting and abuse that remains long after the incident or person has moved on.

If your new to a home and you would like me to energetically clean it for you, or you have some unexplained things happening. I am happy to talk about what is occurring and make arrangements to douse and then visit your home. please get in touch. 

Everyone wants to know about Ghosts, or spirits. In my experience 95% of the time, they are just trying to get our attention, as they need help moving on. A few are scared to more on and then we have a wee chat, help them feel ok about walking into the light. I have not had one refuse to go. 

I also teach how to protect ourselves from attack and energy vampires. We can be in a brilliant mood, step onto the bus and by the time we leave the bus we feel drained. I never leave my home or work with people without shielding up. This is basic human hygiene. In the past we would have all know this.

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