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Shamanic healing tools

With our understanding that the mind and spirit has a powerful effect on our overall health and emotional well-being, we have been turning back to the ancient Shamanic traditions to find ways of restoring a state of balance that has nothing to do with drugs and big pharma.
We are exploring traditional ways that can help us regain the sense of self we shared as very young children, before we were shaped by society and the events of our lives.  Regaining our heart/mind balance and remembering our connection to Mother Earth and all who travel on her.
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Soul Retrieval
Soul retrieval is finding and re-integrating the parts of our soul that has been lost or broken off during trauma or life experiences that were challenging to us at the time. 
The experiences are personal and not always huge or traumatic. Our first day at school, shifting house, our parents divorcing, a teacher yelling at us. Being assaulted, and more traumatic things can cause us to shut down or loose a part of our soul to protect our more vulnerable self. A way of surviving. 
Then we lose that part and wonder why we don’t feel whole or connected in some way. Like looking at life through a glass sheet or veil. 
The experience of Soul Retrieval is not traumatic and we don’t have to live through the experience again. Sandira guides us to find that spark of soul and bring it back into connection with our self or soul. Healing the wound and assimilating it so we can feel more complete and able to face the challenges of our life in a more balanced way.
Soul Wounds
Soul Wounds are pretty much the same as Soul Retrieval only we haven't lost a part of the soul. Its just damaged, like a wound. Repairing soul wounds is another journey using the drum to find that wound or wounds and heal it. We have various techniques and we can do a great deal in one session.
Emotional Code Release
We have a whole page on this website dedicated to Emotional Code Release and we suggest you read that for a more in-depth explanation. 
Sandira dowses for the blocked emotional code that is causing a problem or blockage and we release it. There can be many layers and reasons for blocked emotions. Their release can be very uplifting and profound or hardly noticeable depending on what it is. Sometimes it takes a few days to assimilate the new frequency we have become. Even detoxing a little. This is normal and will pass.
Spirit Release & inappropriate attachments
We live in a world of energy. Our personal energy field can be as close as a few inches to as large as several meters, depending on how well we are & how high our vibration. It is the same for everyone else. As we navigate ourselves around our life we walk in and out of other people’s energy field. If we are of a higher frequency we tend not to pick up "stuff" but just having a few drinks in the pub can open our chakras and make us vulnerable to inappropriate energies which can attach to us.

This is why I always shield up.

Inappropriate attachments can affect our health, our emotions, our mental stability and it’s hard to say what is us and what is not. So, I dowse to see what is going on.
Out bursts of anger can create pockets of negative energy that hover around. We can walk through them, or people throw it at us in anger. It can just be accumulated negativity. Hospitals, clubs, pubs, police stations, cemeteries and clinical institutions are all prone to having negative energies around them. I always smudge myself with sage after going to places like that.

I have been trained to help release these attachments Shamanicly. First, we dowse to see what is the real issue. We proceed from there.
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Camp Fire

Psychic Cords

Psychic cords are like energy ambilocal chords that tie us to other people. When we create these ourselves, through love, they are ok. 

Unfortunately, a lot of them are created out of need or obsession or even negativity, by other people. They are done to us and they drain us of life force. Sometimes they even allow others to manipulate us and prevent us from moving on from these relationships.

Removing them is simple. I can teach you how to do this and allow you to take control of your energy field.

Curses and Energetic Knives

When people bitch and curse us, it can have a very negative effect on our lives. Not everyone is capable of  doing this and if the victim is protected it can bounce back and severlly hurt the person doing the cursing. 

I know how to remove these as I also know how to remove psychic knives. I wish we lived in a world where people practised more personal emotional restraint.

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