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Learn to Play Gongs Workshop


Gongs are amazing instruments.

They wash sound over us that not only feels wonderful but the sound envelope blocks out the outside world, bringing us totally into the moment, allowing changes in our brain waves and body. They set us free of the mundane and allow us to journey in the subconscious.

This is a certified course with Chi Sound Healing. Its about getting to know the gongs so we can  make the right choice about which ones to buy and if we want to train as a sound therapist or not. This can  be the beginning of a long and joyful journey.

We well talk about their history as we know it. The history of gongs and sound healing.

About Entrainment, Cymatics and how sound healing works.

We will learn about the different types of gongs, from symphonic, planet, Tam Tam, Wind and Nipple gongs, and how to play them.

About beaters and rubber balls to make whale noises. How to make them sing.

Also about other instruments we can use along side them to make a fuller sound bath.

The workshop is 2-3 hours long. Please contact me for further details

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