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​When the body is totally relaxed, the mind cannot hold a negative thought, and when the  mind does not hold a negative thought, the body begins to heal itself. Or- When the heart expresses joy and love, it sends signals to the brain to release hormones and chemicals to the body, which  then begins to heal itself.
Scientists now say 80% of all healing is self healing and that 80% of all illness is caused by stress.
When we raise our vibration through energy work, we feel good about ourselves. We make better decisions for our lives with a clearer perspective and sense of wellbeing.
Reiki is one name for a type of energy healing that has been around for centuries. It is channelled, universal or divine intelligent energy, directed into the chakra system and auric field for us to use. This is done without laying hands on the person although at times Sandira may choose to connect a meridian point or do an alignment.
All illness or dis-ease is our body's way of communicating with us. They act as an early warning system enabling us to make emotionally intelligent changes to the habitual patterns of our life.  Sandira uses Reiki to support you in your healing process, complementing any existing mainstream treatments. Ultimately, it is you who do the healing as Sandira channels the energy your life needs to manifest change and maintain equilibrium. It is recommended that a series of 5 sessions, one a week over a 40 day period, followed by once a month for maintenance.
Often giving guided affirmations where appropriate, Sandira is also available for distance healing, and space clearing.
All sessions are by appointment. Please contact Sandira for details.

Reiki Healing

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Reiki Treatment
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