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Learn the Vocal sounds to heal our chakra and major organs.


In a vocal sounds workshop, we learn the Vedic vocal sounds for each chakra and how they affect the body, mind and emotions. 

We also learn about the Taoist healing sounds for the major organs.


Along with the sounds we learn the body movements that support this vocal exercise. for instance, both the Vedic and Taoist vocal sound for the heart is Ahhhh. The physical exercise is taking the hands from the sternum, elbows raised, passing them up, then down to the ground. Letting the old stuck energy & emotions run out through our hands into the ground. At the same time, we tilt the pelvic to allow the spine to straighten and the energy to flow freely through the Sushimna. This allows energy to root into the lower abdomen.

​As we say these sacred sounds, we get a deep sense of peace flow through our body. Our mind quietens, and we drop into still point. We come away with a new sense of self, uncluttered by the stress of our daily lives.

Please contact me to discuss prices and group sizes or if you want this to be a private workshop.

This is a Certified course with Chi Sound Healing.


" I've always rather enjoyed the feeling of vibrations in my body after chanting OHM at the end of a yoga class, so I was interested in using the voice and its different sound vibrations that are associated with different parts of the body and the chakra's. Sandira's workshop covers the Taoist vocal healing and the Vedic Chakra's. I thoroughly enjoyed both systems and found all the additional information that Sandira supplied utterly fascinating and Sandira own interpretation and personal input and reflection of how she experienced, visualized and worked with them hugely informative and inspirational. At the end of the workshop I felt amazingly balanced, calm and protected. LOVED IT! .............. Laura Stanley

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